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Climate Alliance
Partners in the Amazon Basin
International Policy

    What is climate change?
    What are the local impacts?
    Why adaptation and mitigation?
    How to adapt locally?
    How to mitigate locally?
    How to integrate adaptation and mitigation locally?
    What could the EU do?
About Amica
    Regional Development and Climate Change
    Climate Change Affects Regional Development
    Combination of Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies
    Development of Local Strategies
    The Approach
    Adaptation Tool
      Matrix of Adaptation Measures
      List of Evaluated Practice Examples
      Explanation of categories
        Impact type
        Category of measure
        Green Roofs
        Green Rails
        Flood Catastrophe Plan
        Information Program for Employees
        Catchment Basins
        Insurance Services
        Legal Limitations
        Regional Catastrophe Management
        Analysis of Retention Potentials
        Flood Area Protection
        Stabilisation of Water Balance
        Forest Management
        Water Conserving Techniques
        Adapting Drain Water Systems
        Adapting Parks
        Precipitation Management
        Climate Diagnostics and Modelling
        Security for Energy Supply System
        Adapting Transportation Systems
        Adaptation Program on Nature Conservation
        Integrated Climate Policy
        Lagoon Channels
        Hydraulic Flood Wall
        Reconstruction of Shelves
        Traffic Limitation
        Information Folder
        Double Cellars
        Floating Houses
        Lake Energy
        Water Storage
        High Tide Alert Centre
        Blue Roofs
        Internet Info Tool
        Renaturation of Rivers
        Mobile Water Supply Facility
        Flood Early Warning System
        Heat Wave Warning System
        Heat Wave Action Plan
        Climate-conscious Planning
    Mitigation Tool
    Integration Tool
      Matrix of Integration Measures
        Mitigation Benefits
        Adaptation Benefits
      Integration in the Field of Energy
        Optimised Water Use Plan
        Increasing Energy Efficiency
        Rapid Electricity Saving Activities
        Decentralised Renewable Energies
        Storage Hydro Power Stations
        Biomass Energy
        Forest and Watershed Management
        Trigeneration (CHCP)
        Renewable Energies for Cooling
        Replacement of Oil Heating in Flooding Areas
      Integration in the Field of Construction
        High-level Thermal Insulation
        Reduction of Internal Heat Sources
        Passive Air-Conditioning
        Green Roofs
        Green Facades
        Green Roofs for Photovoltaics
        Blocking the Sun with Solar Panels
        Shade Trees
        Construction Timber to Improve Thermal Comfort
        Flood-Resistant Construction Timber
        Timber Recycling for Wood Energy
      Integration in the Field of Urban Planning
        Medium Density Housing
        Traffic Reduction by Integrating Transport Modes
        Urban Forestry
        Energy Wood from Urban Biomass
        Research on and Planting of Adapted Trees
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