Green Roofs

The measure "Green roofs" consists in planting the roofs of existing/new buildings with grass/vegetation to improve the insulation and to reduce the urban heat island effect in summer time.

Green roofs in Stuttgart, Germany. (Source: Stuttgart)

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    Short description of measure

    Problem to be solved: Overheating

    Goal, potential objective: Reduce urban heat island effect; standard in new buildings with flat roofs; additional program for retrofitting buildings

    Developmental steps: Research on the possible instruments (legal, finance sources)

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: New buildings: legislation (Building plan); old building stock: incentives like grants, differentiation in the fees for rainwater treatment; education programs for planers and architects

    Area of implementation: Local

    Responsibilities: Local administration (planning office; building permit office); owners of the buildings

    Time horizon: Medium term

    Economic aspects: Construction: 10% more expensive (grants for retrofitting); lifetime: up to three times higher, so long term cheaper solution

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: Professional planning necessary (static has to be proofed)

    Side effects: Solution for a lot of other problems (rainwater management, biodiversity, air pollution, townscape)

    Bridge to mitigation: Energy reduction in summertime; small effect in wintertime (insulation necessary)