Legal Limitations for Buildings and Land Use

"Legal Limitations for Buildings and Land Use" aims at reducing climate change related risks and facilitating adaptation measures by legal codes.

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    Short description of measure (Upper Austria)

    Problem to be solved: Permissions for buildings in land use plans in risk zones; lack of legal adaptation measures in the building plans

    Goal, potential objective: Limitations concerning the building location (spatial planning) and requirements for adaptation measures in buildings

    Developmental steps: Process of permanent adaptation in legislation based on experience

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: Land use plan; building plan; legislation concerning heating systems

    Area of implementation: Provincial, national

    Responsibilities: Local administration (planning office, building permit office, environment office)

    Time horizon: Medium term

    Economic aspects: Implementation costs are lower than damage costs; fewer social costs

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: Money-payback problems (changes in spatial planning)

    Side effects: Solutions for alot of problems (groundwater, pollution, waste)

    Bridge to mitigation: Supports the change to climate-friendly energy systems