Regional Catastrophe Management

"Regional Catastrophe Management" is a comprehensive approach to raise the security of a region in face of various crises ranging from economic crises, to war, to natural disasters.

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    Short description of measure

    Problem to be solved: Missing or inadequate standards of catastrophe management leading to high economic losses

    Goal, potential objective: Optimisation of catastrophe management

    Developmental steps: Process of permanent adaptation based on experience and new technologies

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: Regional Catastrophe Management plan

    Area of implementation: Provincial

    Responsibilities: Regional administration (co-ordination)

    Time horizon: Short term

    Economic aspects: Implementation costs are low compared to prevented costs during weather extremes

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: New technologies: common system of digital communication for all authorities

    Side effects: Protection against other types of catastrophes (e.g., earthquakes, epidemic diseases, nuclear accidents)

    Bridge to mitigation: Whenever possible use of climate-friendly technologies