Water Conserving Techniques in Soil Cultivation

"Water Conserving Techniques in Soil Cultivation" reduces the risk of floods and droughts by improving water containment in soils and protecting the groundwater.

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    Short description of measure

    Problem to be solved: Drought, flooding, soil erosion

    Goal, potential objective: Improvement of water containment and groundwater protection and purification

    Developmental steps: Promotion of agricultural strategies by the state; build up markets for meantime products

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: Advancement programs; educational material; advice and consulting

    Area of implementation: Provincial

    Responsibilities: Provincial agriculture agency

    Time horizon: Medium to long term

    Economic aspects: Optimisation of soil moisture and prevention of dry out; reduction of soil erosion

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: Resistance of conventionally working farmers

    Side effects: More herbal mass from the same acre; minimal erosion

    Bridge to mitigation: Higher carbon saving potential of the soils; green acres are longer CO2 sinks; green acres reduce periods during which herbal materials are degraded and thus reduce the emission of greenhouse gases