Climate Diagnostics and Modelling

"Climate Diagnostics and Modelling" provides regional future climate projections to support the planning of adaptation measures.

Example of a winter rainfall scenario for Germany. (Source: Dresden)

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    Short description of measure

    Problem to be solved: Lack of knowledge about actual and future climate

    Goal, potential objective: Elaboration of a scientific base for adaptation measures

    Developmental steps: Scan the scientific literature; identify missing results; establish additional research program

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: Research program

    Area of implementation: Provincial

    Responsibilities: Regional administration in cooperation with research institutes

    Time horizon: Medium term

    Economic aspects: Well-suited adaptation program reduces the economic losses due to climate change

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: Lack of input data; uncertainties in projections

    Side effects: Data base for other topics

    Bridge to mitigation: No bridge