Program to Enhance the Security of the Energy Supply System

The "Program to Enhance the Security of the Energy Supply System" tries to reduce climate change related risks in the energy supply system.

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    Short description of measure

    Problem to be solved: Reduced security in energy supply systems due to climate change

    Goal, potential objective: Higher security of energy supply (including aspects like electricity grids, cooling water for thermal power plants, necessary capacity of power production in different climate scenarios, less vulnerable energy sources like district heating instead of oil-based boilers, etc.)

    Developmental steps: Identifying vulnerable aspects (e.g., problems with grid connection bacause of fallen trees, oil pollution during flood events, lack of water in rivers for hydro-power stations and cooling in thermal power stations); integration of climate change issues in existing concepts

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: Incentives (e.g., replacing oil-based boilers by district heating, energy saving measures); directives (municipal energy companies; e.g., putting grid connection systems underground, water management for cooling by storage basins)

    Area of implementation: Provincial, rural, urban

    Responsibilities: Energy supply companies in cooperation with authorities and energy advice organisations

    Time horizon: Short to long term

    Economic aspects: Reduced economic losses during extreme weather events and higher income by more secure energy delivering services

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: Existing programs - just adaptations necessary; in some cases high investment costs

    Side effects: Solution for other problems (air pollution)

    Bridge to mitigation: Securing energy supply should include all aspects of saving energy