Adaptation Program on Nature Conservation

An "Adaptation Program on Nature Conservation" tries to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on species and biotopes.

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    Short description of measure

    Problem to be solved: Negative impacts on biotopes and species by climate change

    Goal, potential objective: Enhance the possibilities of natural systems to cope with climate change

    Developmental steps: Identifying vulnerability (e.g., biotopes under stress, isolated biotopes); identifying goals of nature protection under climate change (species, biotopes); adaptation plans (e.g., enhanced migration by biotope network, reduce stress to adapt to brighter climate conditions)

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: Directives (guidelines for biotope management, biotope development plan); incentives (private, farmers)

    Area of implementation: Rural, urban, local

    Responsibilities: Local administration (nature protection office) in cooperation with provincial offices, NGOs and external target groups

    Time horizon: Short to long term

    Economic aspects: Linked to economy in tourism

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: Ongoing process in which climate change should be included

    Side effects: Solution for other problems (less pests in agriculture, tourism)

    Bridge to mitigation: Possible greenhouse gas emissions due to change in soils and vegetation