Internet Info Tool about Flood Risk Zones

An "Internet Info Tool about Flood Risk Zones" is an online system to provide citizens and companies with informations about site-specific flood risks.

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  • (HORA - Flood Risk Zoning for Austria; in German only)

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    Short description of measure

    Problem to be solved: Lack of awareness about flood risks

    Goal, potential objective: Information and advice for potential owners and users of buildings about flood risks to work out an individual adaptation strategy

    Developmental steps: Mapping of relevant information; public awareness program; folders

    Instruments, implementation mechanism: Information and advice services provides by authorities

    Area of implementation: Provincial, urban

    Responsibilities: Provincial and urban administrations

    Time horizon: Short to medium term

    Economic aspects: Information about risk zones and possible adaptation measures to minimise lifetime costs of buildings

    Promoters, obstacles, risks: Public awareness program to highlight the services provided is necessary

    Side effects: Influence on prices for sites and buildings because of flood risks

    Bridge to mitigation: