Replacement of Oil Heating in Flooding Areas

Losses of oil from heating facilities during flooding are a great threat for houses and the environment as, e.g., experiences from the flooding in the year 2002 in Upper Austria show. The switch to renewable energy sources also presents an opportunity for climate protection. Therefore a strategy to reduce the use of oil for heating applications including restrictions under aspects of adaptation and incentives for renewable energy sources is a measure to integrate adaptation and mitigation.

In Upper Austria, oil heating facilities are rarely installed in new houses because of prices and incentives for other energy sources like heat pumps, biomass installations and district heating. In some Austrian provinces grants for building new houses or dwellings are only provided if the energy supply is based on renewable energy sources (with exceptions). In Upper Austria, more than two-thirds of the homes are now heated with biomass fuel, heat pumps, and local and central district heating, after floods caused inundation of heating fuel tanks and contaminated the water.