Combination of Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

Climate protection is a core issue for sustainable development and responsibility for climate change rests with industrialised countries. Therefore, for more than 15 years, municipalities across Europe have engaged in local-level climate protection activities, committed themselves to voluntary targets and set up action programmes. The topic "Adaptation to Climate Change" has been gaining increasing attention in international discussions and negotiations on climate change. Increasingly extreme meteorological conditions indicate that climate change is in fact proceeding and provide an insight into the scope and intensity of future consequences.  In light of these developments, this topic is now not only on the agenda of developing countries, which have historically been the most vulnerable to climate change impacts. In fact, it has recently become apparent that industrialised countries will also be severely affected.  Policy administrators and all others making important planning decisions need to be aware of such risks and appropriately consider all possible impacts and consequences.

With the increasing frequency of climate change related disasters, local and regional policy could potentially shift to a concentration solely on risk management and adaptation measures, drawing the focus away from the precautionary strategy of mitigating climate change. In doing so, municipalities and regions would not only disregard their own responsibility for climate change, but moreover, would neglect the opportunities connected to mitigation. There are excellent ways to promote climate protection locally through infrastructure and urban planning, involvement of citizens and local business. Additionally, responsible climate policy has positive side effects for regional development, such as lower fuel bills for public and private consumers, new employment and training opportunities, better transport systems improving accessibility, better air quality and quality of life. Therefore, a combination of adaptation and mitigation strategies would lead to optimal sustainability in terms of city planning, environment, and local economy.

Architectural modeling of Green Roof

Green Roof with Solar Panels