Development of Local Strategies

The overall objective is to develop and implement strategies suited to address climate change.  The strategies must be both local and regional, comprehensive and integrated.  This objective includes enhancing the efficacy of climate policy, producing optimal combinations of short and long term precautionary and responsive measures, and encouraging resilient local planning strategies to reduce future risks to regional development.

To achieve these objectives, the project aims at developing strategies to adapt to climate change impacts through efforts to prevent or limit potential damages and hazards, reduce vulnerability, and to implement enhanced climate protection strategies.  

While working towards these main objectives, several secondary objectives will also be pursued. Some of these include the interregional exchange of experience, capacity building, effective and consolidated policy planning, awareness raising on climate change impacts in Europe, the invovlement of a large number of municipalities in precautionary action related to climate change, and the creation of a specialised network on adaptation and mitigation as a sub-network of the Climate Alliance.

Intended further effects are a broader application of strategies aimed at more sustainable development paths (sustainable energy and transport, land use management, forestry, sustainable urban design etc.), job creation, reducing pollution and improving health of citizens, increasing quality of life, reduction of risks to municipal infrastructure and services, and avoiding negative social and economic effects of climate change for public and private actors.